currently engaged in an instrumental post doom/shoegaze band called go-mi.

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recently took up double bass, am about to start a new project called elektro günter meets pendergast machine.

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ages ago my other self has been publishing as a singer-songwriter-alt-country wayward fever: selected songs 2013-2017

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90’s grunge and hardcore outfit Delaware has no tracks online.


and it’s urging me to draw a line between
the things I need and what I’ve seen
places where we go ©wayward fever 2013. guitar and vocals by @feverfinish

travelling companion.
cruisin‘ ©wayward fever 2015. all instruments by @feverfinish

sometimes you better stay blind
when you’re kissing in the moonshine
you know
these are the times
strange coincidences ©wayward fever 2013. guitar and vocals by @feverfinish

I’m stuck in (odd) routines
consuming my way out
devour my canned potion
I overdose on sauerkraut
rigid vs. stiff ©wayward fever 2015. all instruments and vocals by @feverfinish

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