visualities II

selected sketches and paintings 2016-2017

fine art prints available. contact me

extensions ©feverfinish 2017

autopoiesis ©feverfinish 2017

Suburbia I ©feverfinish 2017

discontinued repetition I-IV ©feverfinish 2017

Now’s the time -\\_ ©feverfinish 2017

billowing in space ©feverfinish 2017

my dark love (.) ©feverfinish 2017

just a matter of balance | ©feverfinish 2017

on the verge of exhaustion | ©feverfinish 2017

grow | pause | decrease | ©feverfinish 2017

on returning into that room walking straight into that corner again \</ . ©feverfinish 2017

city movements I . ©feverfinish 2017

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