visualities I

selected photographic works 2016-2017

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lost beliefs ©feverfinish 2017

triple freak out ©feverfinish 2017

gut quadrat before dreieck
gut square before dreieck ©feverfinish 2017

interwoven separations + ©feverfinish 2017

hiding mainstream ©feverfinish 2017

in dreams II ©feverfinish 2017

state of the nation ||_||| . ©feverfinish 2017

emotional escalation ©feverfinish 2017

hope ©feverfinish 2017

variations on an issue with increasing relevance :|:|: ©feverfinish 2017

let’s change the subject* ©feverfinish 2016

heralding the arrival of the cold. ©feverfinish 2016

details of a moment passing by. ©feverfinish 2016

flag piles in the red-light district \_|I ©feverfinish 2016

empty promises, delivered downwind {*} ©feverfinish 2016

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